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They Tell Their Stories


Working with the young people we have in our In Our Own Voice, Ending the Silence and Provider Programs, I get so much reward. One reason is they appreciate the opportunity to share their lives and tell their stories. To schedule a presentation, call Lynn at (209) 404-6015. Some of the comments from our young speakers after they teach or present are:

“I have never done public speaking before and I was very tentative when I started Ending the Silence.”  Now, I feel very comfortable sharing my life with others to help erase the stigma.  Mental Illness is treatable and people can have a fulfilling life.  I am working full-time now and have a support system."

D.B.  (Ending the Silence speaker)

“After speaking at the Wellness Center, I appreciate the support we get from people there. I also enjoy working with a partner in telling my story as she makes me feel very comfortable and at ease.”

S.J. (IOOV speaker)

“At the Health Net presentation in May, I felt a little awkward because one person did not speak English and another did not speak Spanish; however, everyone else was bilingual.  They were very attentive and very involved and asked a lot of questions.”


A.O. (Ending the Silence and IOOV speaker-bilingual)

“At the Empowerment Center in May, I enjoyed speaking to the audience. It went smoothly and they asked questions. I responded to a questions about why I wanted to be an IOOV speaker and told them it helps reduce the stigma and it helps me.  Also, I can help others through their experiences, too.”

S.R. (Ending the Silence and IOOV speaker)


“The Family to Family class I spoke to in February was very great.  I love the fact that I can hear my own story come out of MY mouth and see the different growth that has happened in my life. I have not done it on my own but have done it with my peers, family and friends. I hope I make a difference and I know being an IOOV presenter has made a difference in my life.”

M.S. (IOOV speaker)


“At a recent DBSA group presentation, I had my first opportunity to do my IOOV speech. I did forget some things at the beginning (as I was nervous), but my partner picked up that information and told it in her segment. Then, after I finished my story, several people applauded. After, I helped a couple with NAMI resources and I felt very gratified about doing the speech.”

J.B. (IOOV speaker)


To read more about these programs and presenters visit our website www.namistanislaus.org. If you want to hear their stories call Lynn at (209) 404-6015.



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